Gary Plastic Packaging Jobs

gary plastic packaging jobs
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Gary Plastic Packaging is a leading international supplier of plastic packaging products. Based in the United States, they specialize in a wide range of products including custom molded plastic packaging, injection molded parts, blow molded products, and more. They are well known for their high quality products and excellent customer service. Gary Plastic Packaging is always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join their team.

Available Positions

Gary Plastic Packaging has many different positions available to qualified candidates. Some of the positions they offer include: Designer, Production Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Sales Representative, and more. Each of these positions offers different responsibilities, so it’s important to make sure you are familiar with the requirements for each position before applying.


Designers play a key role in the success of Gary Plastic Packaging. As a designer, you will be responsible for creating and developing new plastic packaging products for their customers. You will need to have an eye for detail and be able to work with a variety of materials. You will also need to have a good understanding of the latest technologies in the industry.

Production Manager

The production manager is responsible for overseeing the entire production process. This includes overseeing the production staff, making sure that all production deadlines are met, and ensuring that the quality of the products is maintained. They must also be able to work with other departments to ensure that the products are produced efficiently and effectively.

Quality Assurance Manager

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring that all of the products produced by Gary Plastic Packaging meet the company’s quality standards. They must also be able to troubleshoot any issues that arise during the production process. This position requires strong organizational skills and excellent problem-solving skills.

Sales Representative

The Sales Representative is responsible for communicating with customers and helping them find the best solutions for their needs. They must have excellent communication skills, be able to negotiate and close deals, and have a thorough understanding of the company’s products and services. This position requires a great deal of customer service and sales experience.

Benefits of Working with Gary Plastic Packaging

Working with Gary Plastic Packaging offers numerous benefits to employees. In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, they offer a great work environment. They are committed to providing employees with the opportunity to grow and develop their skills and knowledge. Additionally, they offer a variety of training and development programs to ensure that employees are well-equipped to do their job effectively.

Gary Plastic Packaging is an excellent place to work for individuals who are looking for a challenging and rewarding job. If you are looking for a position in the plastic packaging industry, consider applying for one of the many positions available at Gary Plastic Packaging.