What Are Post Production Jobs?

post production jobs
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Post production jobs are those jobs that involve the editing, mixing, and mastering of audio and video materials, as well as the production of special effects. This type of job is often referred to as “post-production” because it occurs after the principal photography has been shot. Post production includes the editing of the footage, the mixing of the sound, the creation of special effects, and the mastering of the final product. Post production jobs can be found in the film, television, video game, and music industries.

Types of Post Production Jobs

There are a variety of post production jobs available in the entertainment industry. These jobs can range from editing and sound design to special effects creation and color correction. Generally, post production jobs involve working with digital media, such as audio, video, and graphics. Depending on the type of post production job, the job may involve working with a variety of digital media formats, such as digital audio, digital video, and digital images.

Editing and Sound Design

Editing and sound design are two of the most common post production jobs. Editing involves cutting and rearranging the video footage to create the desired effect. This includes cutting out unwanted shots, adding transitions, and adding special effects. Sound design involves creating the soundscape for a film or video game. This includes adding sound effects, editing dialog, and creating music.

Special Effects Creation

Special effects creation is another type of post production job. Special effects are visual effects created with computer-generated imagery (CGI). Special effects can range from adding explosions and rain to creating entire virtual environments. Special effects artists are responsible for creating the visual effects, as well as deciding when and how to use them.

Color Correction

Color correction is a type of post production job that involves adjusting the color of the footage. Color correction is often used to match the color of different shots or to create a specific look for the film or video. Colorists are responsible for adjusting the color, brightness, contrast, and saturation of the footage to create the desired look.

Audio Mixing and Mastering

Audio mixing and mastering are two post production jobs that are essential for creating a high-quality soundtrack. Audio mixing involves blending the audio elements together to create a harmonious whole. This includes adding sound effects, adjusting the levels, and creating transitions. Mastering is the process of adjusting the overall sound of the soundtrack to create a consistent, professional-sounding mix.

Skills Required for Post Production Jobs

Post production jobs require a wide range of skills, such as technical and creative skills. Technical skills include a good understanding of digital media formats, such as audio, video, and graphics, as well as an understanding of post production software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Pro Tools. Creative skills include a good eye for detail, an understanding of color theory, and an ability to create compelling visuals. Additionally, post production jobs often require an understanding of storytelling and an ability to work collaboratively.

Post Production Jobs Outlook

Post production jobs are in high demand in the entertainment industry, as the demand for digital media continues to grow. The job outlook for post production professionals is positive, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting that the demand for post production jobs will continue to increase. Additionally, post production jobs offer a good salary, with many post production professionals earning salaries in the six-figure range.


Post production jobs are an essential part of the entertainment industry. Post production jobs involve editing, sound design, special effects creation, and color correction. These jobs require both technical and creative skills, as well as an understanding of storytelling. Post production jobs are in high demand and offer a good salary. If you are interested in pursuing a career in post production, you should be sure to hone your skills and stay informed of the latest trends in the industry.